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    is caber the same as cabaser?

    hi guys im going to run tren /prop at 100mg a day each and im in the process of picking up my Ancillaries for my cycle, from a very reliable source that ive used for years, and that many use on this website too. My question is, is Caborgoline (Dostinex) the same as Cabaser (Upjohn)?

    On the website it lists its properties and besides both being a Dopamine Agonist cabaser also has similar properties to caborgoline. I can get hold of bromo too but ive heard cabor is the one to go for.

    Il be using cabor/cabaser @ 0.5mg ED to get rid of prolactin side effects associated with tren.

    Im also in two minds whether alongside cabor to use letro@ 0.25mg ED or arimidex @ 0.5mg EOD, this obviously being to help with the gyno sides from test/tren. Help with this on this thread would also be appreciated.

    Yours in training, all the best


    Heres a link to my cycle below:

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    Yes both dostinex and cabaser have the active ingredient cabergoline,
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