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    Please Help! Thanks!

    Please Help! I have been weight training for many years on and off. Did a Deca cycle with no PCT when I was very young. Now I am 41 years old, 239lbs (lost 15 lbs in the past 2 months by training really hard and running every chance I get - approximately twice a week). My diet now is primarily made up of chicken, tuna, complex carbs, and minimal sweets (on Sundays only). No alcohol, no smoking. I have done a great deal of reading and research and think I am ready to do a cycle to help me get better results by compounding my exercise and diet with gear. My BF is still high (25%) at this point. I recently went to a TRT clinic and will soon have on hand Test Cyp and Anavar . They recommended Test Cyp 100mg/week x 10 weeks and Anavar 10mg/day x ??????. As for PCT - only Clomid. After having been a member of this site for a little while and doing a fair amount of reading, this cycle or therapy seems to be somewhat useless!!!!!!! Could someone PLEASE recommend a cycle including PCT. Say for example....Test Cyp 400mg x 12 weeks (1-12), Anavar 30mg x 8 weeks (4-12), etc. PCT: Clomid, Proscar for hairloss or prostate protection. I would really, really like to start a cycle in January 2009. Please Help! Thank you and to you all...........Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
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    i think everyone is going to tell u to train longer naturally. also drop ur bf% lower so theres less sides and there will be better results.

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    i know it is not what you want to hear but the bodyfat needs to come down significantly. if every chance you get to train is twice a week what makes you think you are ready to cycle? Test at 400mg would do nothing but reek havoc on you right now. no need to cycle when you are making progress naturally. keep at it, get where you need to be (how ever long it takes) and keep doing your homework.

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