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    Ampule question.

    Do I need to purchase some filters if using ampules? Seems like no one here has had any issues with glass, but I was still looking for opinions.

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    When i open an ampule i hold it up to the light, ive never seen glass in there. I think the way its open the glass deflects away..

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    I am an advocate of using all of the techniques that would be beneficial in mitigating the potential for contamination of the compounds we inject into our bodies.

    The use of a filter needle is a prudent step to help avoid contamination and infection.

    However, the use of filter needles is not universally recognized as an
    important part of the preparation and administration of medications from glass

    "..The use of filter needles is not often considered when discussing medication preparation from glass ampules. Fundamentals of nursing references prior to 1999 typically do not acknowledge this as an important component of safe medication administration. Safe medication administration traditionally has been regarded as adhering to five rights (5Rs): right medication, dose, patient, route, and time. Adding a sixth right may be appropriate--the right technique in medication preparation..."

    I guess it all comes down to user risk assessment.

    Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?

    I use filter needles whenever I draw from an ampule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigershark View Post
    Do I need to purchase some filters if using ampules? Seems like no one here has had any issues with glass, but I was still looking for opinions.
    If the ampules are from a legit company, you will be fine, ive never heard of anyone having isses with glass in their gear when using ampules....
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