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    I finished my first cycle:
    dbol 30mg ed 1-4
    enanthate 500mg ew 1-12
    just about 7 weeks ago, I gained just about 30 lbs and have only lost maybe 2 or 3 lbs and my strength is still going up. I was just curious if it's safe to believe I'm keeping all of this or if it's way to early to tell?

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    IMO you will prob keep the majority of the remainder since it was so long ago, 7 weeks is more then half as long as ur cycle....what kinda post cycle theropy did u do

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    I'd say you are looking good, bro. Just don't slack off and you'll be fine.

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    post cycle? 12 weeks on test is going to screw your nuts up and possibly shoot your estro through the roof. h-p-test axis takes a long time to get back to normal bro, believe has happened to me and i even took a few weeks of HCG and clomid.

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    Generally speaking you will know within three months how much you are keeping. Catabolism can take time to really eat muscle so continue to eat well, train hard, and REST.

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