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    alevok Guest

    What Can I Buy in Holland. help me out Dutch bros

    I will be visiting Amsterdam next month and while I am there I would like to buy some juice. Ok Dutch guys help me out here, can I buy stuff without prescription there? Is prescription from Turkish doctors ok to buy AS there? What else I can get besides deca ?

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    alevok Guest
    anyone else, c'mon guys help me out!

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    Bump for you bro


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    yo alevok i am from holland ,believe me if i tell you they dont sell anything without prescription not even the deca .i know the yellow tops are from holland but you can not buy them that easy ,.even with turkish prescription i think it will be hard to get some juice bro ..
    the only thing you buy here without prescription is asperin

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    alevok Guest
    Originally posted by king-scan
    the only thing you buy here without prescription is asperin [/B]
    oh shit

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    Im not from Holland but I believe they work like in Finland.. they sell nothing without prescription, and even if you have one you need to prove it is correct and most doctors know what you want..
    might be only few "sports doctors", dunno

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