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Thread: need advise...

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    need advise...

    I plan to expirent on my self for the first time a steroid cycle.
    I have been training wights for 11 years .
    I plan to do so for self educational expirent ,as this area in srtrenght
    training and budybuilding is which I am not familior to.
    I have a degree in sport Scinec and now I'm doing my first year
    in another degree of Nutrion.
    MY QUESTION is what is the best stuff to start from,having in mind that it should be safe with minimum side effects,but nevertheless effective and noticable.

    Thanks from advance

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    Maybe some English classes would be good. Just kidding bro. The advice I will give you is to educate yourself. Do some homework and just read. Don't even post questions until you have read a lot of the material that's on this board. Get familiar with juice and how it works, then post questions.

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    Safe with minimum side effects? There are several viable options, cost is the biggest factor in which one to choose. Dbol /Test/Winny would be a decent first cycle, or Test/EQ/Winny or DbolTest/Deca . Is cost a factor in your situation?

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