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    pain in the ass (no pun intended)

    How come its such a pain in the ass to find sustanon or deca in cananda? Its easier to buy a 9mm off the street then it is to find someone who doesn't have canola oil in bottle or a shitty attitude as to "i can get big and you can F-right off". Maybe because the town i live in is full of muthafu*kers and thanks to these people who help you start a cycle and then get busted for a grow- op (ya i'm in BC) One has to feel like an ass again and scout the gym for a dependable person who won't give you WD-40 and piss off, never to be seen again. Canada's great but it gets expensive when you have to buy a ticket to mexico and and return through customs with something shoved up a small body cavity. Right On!

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    Move to the America.

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