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    deca/ sust/ winny cycle

    Have read so much on different injection/ cycle plan ideas. Just wanted to run this idea to get feedback. stats-215lb, 15% bf, 2nd cycle. Goals are to add some good size, not crazy size....yet.

    cycle plan:

    deca 300mg/, 1ml wk 10 weeks
    sust 250mg/, 1ml wk 10 weeks

    clomid therapy ten days after last sust/ deca shot

    winny 100mg every three days for 8wks, weeks 8-16.

    Thanks for feedback.

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    Hey bro if ur only going to run 250mgs of test per week then u might want to think about using Enant, Cyp or Prop. Reason being, Sust is best run eod to get the full effects of the short and long acting esters in it. 250mgs of Sust is a waste imho. Also why run the winny like that? 50mgs ed is best to keep a consistant level. And i wouldnt run it no more then 6 weeks. Good luck!

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    dave try this, it will work much better.

    Deca 400mg/wk 10 wks
    t200 400-500mg/wk 11wks
    winny 50mg/ed wks 9-13(drink the winny)
    clomid 300mg on day 1, 100mg/ed for 10 days, 50mg/ed for 10 days

    I think you will be much happier with that type of cycle. I would also replace the deca with EQ. Deca shuts you down for a longer period of time. The winny will help you solidify your gains at the end! Good luck. You will also need some type of anti-e on hand such as liquidex, arimidex , or nolva.

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    Follow strong's cycle layout... and start clomid week 14. Throw a little arimidex in there too.

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