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    Talking ready to start my 1st cycle tommorow, need some quick advice

    okay I got my deca , dbol , nolva, clomid, milk thistle

    okay I'm ready to start tommorrow. My cycle will look like this

    20mg ed of thai dbol weeks1-4
    200mg of deca weeks 1-8

    won't go higher than this cuz of my age, and first cycle, so think this is excellent for me.

    first question: how much milk thistle and cranberry extract should I use?? and for how long???

    second question: Should I only use nolva if I get sighns of gyno??? (only doing 20mg of dbol)

    third question: When should I hit clomid(I think 3 weeks after last deca injection) and how much?? and for how long???

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    Well, you've already no sense beating around the bush....Well, milk thistle with every meal or dbol dose (you're splitting it up right), generally 1g milk thistle a day, but you can go higher if it's not working like you think it should. I'm not sure on cranberry dose, as i've never used it...guys..??

    Bro, maybe read just little bit more up before you decide to rush into things....clomid is posted under HOT TOPICS...check IRON Game's will answer your questions about clomid.

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    so you are ending your cycle on deca alone? i see that you have pretty much made up your mind, but thats not a very good idea if you like sex.

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    I this cycle is floored, however, Milk thistle should be taken 1 week before D-Bol and 1 Week after.

    clomid 3 Weeks post Cycle

    300mg Day 1, 100mg next ten days, 50mg next ten days.

    Under 20 don't cycle.

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    My quick advice would be to not rush in to anything and plan it out properly. You will only get out what you put in.


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    Your going with a relivty small cycle dont expect a lot of gains but go with what you feel safe with

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