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Thread: is this enough?

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    is this enough?

    I was wondering if 5 weeks of test cyp at 400mg a week and 400mg of deca a week is enough (this is my first cycle), of coarse after that i am gone hit winny for few weeks is that long enough of a cycle?

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    It takes 5 to 6 weeks just to kick in. You need to get enough for 10 week cycle. You would just be wasting it doing it 5 weeks.

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    Agree with tt333, 5 weeks is a waste.

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    Personally I think you should do more research on how to design a stack before you start. I can't say if that is the right does and length cycle for you because I don't know your stats. If you give me more info I will try to help you the best I can. But I recommend that you read the educational threads. They will teach you alot...

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