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Thread: knee surgery

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    knee surgery

    howdy all, new to the board here-have a couple ?? for you
    I had ACL surg. 1 yr. ago this month just started eneth.300mg
    deca 280mg every 5 days,any body have a surg. then did a deca cycle?
    if so did it help your joints that much?I'm hping it will help my knee from
    grinding when I squat.

    thanks in advance!!

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    Good post!
    Unfortunately I can't help cuz I just had my ACL operated on 2 weeks ago. And im looking at 4-5 months before I can be back at 100%.

    So I would ask you what was your rehab and how bad was your ACL tear cuz its depressing for me and need some advice thanks!


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    You don't need to know
    I never had an ACL operation but I did have a back surgery with rods and screws i the lower back. I don't know how long you have been back working out from your surgery, but , I would train for atleast a solid year before starting gear again. Also there are other things you can do that put less stress on your joints than squatting.....leg extensions , leg press and lunges. I'm never going to be able to do squats ever again because of the compression on the spine , so I improvise. Good Luck bro

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    are your legs 100% back or r u trying to get them back to strength

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