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    sustanon 250 week 6 (mike, anyone?)

    whats up, Well this is my 6th week. I gained about 5 pounds of muscle and I just recently started to notice STRENGTH. Is this normal? because my boy 4plate lol he gained 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks and he's complaining!!. So whats the deal? what should I expect. Considering MY diet is Good. YES I'M ONLY TAKING SUSTANON 250, 500 MG A WEEK. FOR 8 weeks.

    Bigger, Faster , Stronger !!!

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    sounds about right gains come late from sust cycles, you probably only gained water so far or half and half all these people expecting gains of 20lbs+ are in for a shock im telling you it just aint like that unless you are a genetic freak or taking magic pills


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    Since your not stacking another AS those gains are very good. I can gain real fast to but mostly water weigt gain. look in the mirror dont always go by scale weight, a ripped shredded muscle looks a lot better than a bloated one.

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    Ok.....I have to be completely honest here - I think in 6 wks you should have gained more than 5lbs but in 2wks theres no way he gained 10 pounds from sus alone - I dont think it is necessarily your gear though - what kinda diet you sticking with? what training routine?

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    You should do more reading about sus 250. If you break it down and look at the 4 different test in sus 250 you will have a better idea. Just for a quick look there is only 30mg of propionat in 250ml of sus. Most people will tell you you need 200-400ml of propionat a week for good growth. If I was you id do more reading about sus or try one of the other test out ther like enanthate . On my first cicle I use enanthate and gain 17 pounds in 10 weeks. I grow 1 1/2 inchs on my arm and got a dirt ass streach mark to go with it lol.

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