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    finasteride & proviron

    Im going on my first real cycle :

    week 1-8 enanthate 500mg.
    week 1-8 EQ+deca 200mg+200mg.
    week 1-8 winny 25mg ED.
    week 1-8 nolvadex 10mg/ed
    week 1-8 proviron 25mg/ed
    (clomid and hcg for post cycle)

    my qustion is how does it make sense to add finasteride to my cycle
    for my hair and prostate?
    sense I use proviron(DHT) as an antiestrogen,
    and using finasteride as an anti-DHT!
    by combining them am I not conflicting the two???

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    I have heard that you should not add finasertide to a deca cycle. Not sure why, you might wanna do a search. I take saw palmetto through my entire cycles.

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