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Thread: D-bol

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    hi all

    I am planing to by the pink d-bols 5 sided ones. Can anyone tell me

    how many mg they are
    what kind of d-bol they are
    how much should i pay max per tab
    kind of anti estrogen should i use
    and is dbol ok to b the only steroid used
    thanks for the help

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    1. they are either 5 or 10 mg
    2. they are the pink tia
    3. pay no more than .35 - .5 per tab
    4. do not use an anti if you don't need to. some inhibit your gains..
    5. no you need to run more than d-bol..for sure..

    hope this helps...Madmax..

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    yeah madmax is spot on! A Test would be good to stack with your dbol . Maybe some Deca or Eq as well. Then you could use the dbol for the first few weeks to jumpstart your cycle.

    good luck

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    if they are TT 10 mg you will pay about a Dollar a pill but if thais you can get them in bulk very cheap like $200. for a jug (1000 thais).

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    Thanks mad max helps alot
    wha would b another oral to take this with because
    my girlfriend has cought me wit some needles b 4 so shes
    threatened to call the police next time shes sees em she
    also knows wha amps n all look like cuz they where with my
    needles. but i can fool her with tabs cuz she dont know they
    Even exist for roids.shes nosy as hell!!!
    thanks preetz

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    I also have clenbuterol and ephedrine if that needs to b throwin in with the d-bol

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    I'm pretty sure there's a thread on this board laying out what would make for a pretty decent non-injectables cycle if you were put into that situation. I think the consensus became that a transdermal fina could work along with var and/or winny...i don't remember the specifics, and it of course was admitted that it wouldn't be as effective as a traditional syringe-included cycle, but it might be worth investigating.

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