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Thread: Meico juice

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    Meico juice

    I'm going on a cruise that stops at Cozumel. Will I be able to get some steroids at a local pharamacy. Or will I have to travel out of the tourist area? If I am able to buy there will I be checked getting back on the ship or only when I get back to the states?

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    i know this may be a wierd question..but i have a friend who is doing the exact same thing..i haven't talked to him for a while..i know this is a long shot but are you from illinios?..not trying to be's just wierd that he asked me the exact same thing your asking us.i know the odds are 1 in a million but i'm just curious...just wanting to know if your him...Madmax..

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    i bet you can get some, but there was just a thread about how in the tourist cities fakes run careful and skeptical ,make sure you read up before you go, best of luck and be careful

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    take pics of some legit gear then toss the pics before you get back on the boat. Be prepared for them to search you when you come back. They will use the wand and a walk through metal detector.

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