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    OK..New AS users...your "F*&King diet" the shorter version, thx for the mail

    had to edit...
    OK quick growing schedule ((NEVER GO BELOW)) these amounts. There is a range because some may have a difference in body mass but also training style... These amounts are IMHO what you should never get below in grams per lb of body weight.... This is also directed towards men not women--- (Pro-tein=1- 2grams per/lb---Carbs (simple & complex= all fibrous, starches and sugars) .5-1.5grams per lb..... Fat never go over =. 5g per lb unless you’re dropping carbs in place of FAT and hopefully they are Mono & Poly unsaturated fats (there are good fats that your body loves to use as fuel and more efficient than some carbs...

    Ok a little confusing...but I can explain
    Carbs-when you’re on AS you should be eating if sugar -only simple sugar (fruits) if starch-try non-process if possible (rice, grains,) non-process carbs take time to digest in the body but give a consistent supply of energy, upon break down into glucose and don’t create insulin spikes. Basically you have a natural nutrient being converted into stable energy. Your friendly complex carbs that offer few calories but should be devoured are fibrous complex carbs (veggies.... green leafy things)... This will add in digestion and help keep your digestive track clean and lean... (Definitely takes less water to digest veggies because of the high water content to begin with.... so you’re not so bloated, your intestines do not need to pull extra fluid after eating such a carb for digestion)

    "What's Up with tha Carbo's"
    Nothing wrong with good process carbs (some pasta's, some bread's)...
    Just you should realize it takes longer to digest "good carbs" which makes the body utilize body fat into triglycerides then fuel/energy to aid in metabolizing the natural carbo ingested and the metabolization of proteins... These carbs can be broken down into blood sugar and or become glycogen stores or used as a more direct energy source for ATP (or fuel for muscle movement)...
    Refined carbs (baked goods, muffins, bagels) or the carbs that have the most process typically have more additives and sugars. It takes less time to digest the refined sugars in each which gets used right away but the complex carb and the additives like hydrogenized fats in those guys are excess and if not used will typically become storage (I say 90% of the time for the typical guy becomes adipose tissue)... A hard gainer might want to ingest a process carb because of his/her genetically fast metabolic rate... But realize the more process the carb is the more frequent roller-coaster ride in energy your body will go through. "Insulin spikes" good after workout because the body is in need of an immediate fuel source but bad through out the day... Insulin spikes through out the day can cause your body to hoard fat. Insulin spikes also cause the body to have a fluctuation in blood sugar and to a BBer low blood sugar means you’re a prime candidate for a catabolic episode, (the break down of muscle mass to be used as fuel) or to fall into a starvation mode... (Where your body will see the erratic intake of nutrients and preserve precious fat stores)
    A BBer that plans on a high amount of non-process carbs or good minimally process carbs (pasta) will supply his or her body with ample energy to function and grow.
    Pro-tein- (whey, soy, or casinate's-well first start by eating real food then add the predigested amino-acids later "prot-ein" if beef keep it lean cut (no fat) chicken (baked, grilled, boiled), fish (anything you can stand just watch out for blue cat, I swear there’s more fat than muscle in that boy)
    Fats- (no saturated) the only thing you should shove down your gutter is mono and poly unsaturated fats. A good source is balance canola oil, a few teaspoons in your rice or pasta, ya know...
    Quick school...saturated fats are from your animal products the fat off meat and dairy, plan and simple the fat your made up of. WATCH OUT FOR hydrogenized fats... these are in bought baked goods basically they taste real good but you will take a few days to burn…. (Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated-ex...omega3, flax seed, natural seed oil)
    When cycling there is a common rule of thumb for the average non Pro bb’er at 4000 cals and higher and you have to grow...fat or muscle... Well... that’s up to your dosing, that’s right think of eating just like your dosing, nailing, popping etc. Meaning on average if you ingest 6-8 small meals every 2hrs instead 3 or four great big meals you will speed your metabolic rate through digestion alone. So the more frequent and small you dose the better...
    I train a body part every four days and hard days are still and have always been leg day and back or chest...
    Light days are arm days, stomach & calves and days off day.
    The reason this becomes important is the energy you need to train during those heavy or hard days is in large a high amount... Heavy harder days should require your intake of higher calories which will come from carbohydrates... these energy packed foods will sustain you though out the day and during training... If you’re looking to keep you mass and add more start looking at carbs as you’re savor.... Pro-tein is needed to replace and repair the pro-tein already in your body (muscle). If you are looking to make gains, merely eating high pro-tein isn’t going to work.
    : Heavy days-calories 3500-6000 & up
    Light days – calories 2500-4500
    Ok… simplify even more… for growing not cutting keep it around 3500-4000 calories on average.
    Calories per gram of Prot-ein, Carbohydrate, Fats: 1gram carbohydrate = 3.75 calories /1 gram prot-ein = 4 calories/ 1 gram fat = 9 calories /1 gram alcohol = 7 calories

    Now that should help you calculate your grams per day but keep on reading, I know my long winded ass can fucking spew but...

    Now, (time of day) is important… it’s not easy getting 5000 calories in your body a day. So on the heavy days start early... if you do cardio in the morning make sure on a growing cycle this early consumption is after the cardio. In the morning get some whey predigested pro-tein. So it gets into your body quick then try and start a schedule that is consistent to eating every two-three hours, make sure you have a cut off point of natural food consumption in the evening as your metabolism slows down...the last thing is make sure and intake a slower metabolized prot-ein before bed... so use a casinate (egg prot-ein is what I use mainly)
    "Pro-teins when where"
    You want fast metabolizing prot-ein before, during and after work out…(whey pro-tein no added carbs, utilize a simple sugar like an apple or banana after workout) You should have been ingesting carbs through out the day up until about 1hr to 30min before work out... This should give you the glycogen build that you need to work hard...The fast metabolizing pro-tein 1hr before work out can be called a support... the pro-tein ingested during workout can be called an insurance.... (A liquid amino mixed with water for me)... If you're training hard you want to have the pro-teins available for repair immediately.... The pro-tein and simple sugar ingested after work out, is the beginning of recovery...
    "Casinate the last intake" you want your body to recover but not turn fast metabolizing prot-ein into fat storage so use a slow metabolizing pro-tein from milk or eggs to feed you through the night

    For me personally…. Simply (All predigested pro-tein drinks are solely <a pro-tein and dextrose or protein virtually carb free)
    -Prot-ein in morning
    -Rest of day you should have balance of carb (simple & complex), pro-tein (soy & whey) and fat (mono and poly unsaturated)
    -Fast metabolizing pro-tein before, during and after work out at least 1hr to 2hrs is good before workout/ during make sure you at least consume an 1/8 of your body weight in grams of pro-tein if not a 1/4, after workout (a dextrose/ prot-ein mix -- no matter how many time you train a day)
    Slow metabolizing prot-ein at night (casinate- egg whites, egg prot-ein)

    Try to keep well hydrated with your good nutritional consumption. (Body building foods)
    Try 16oz morning, 16oz mid-morn, 16 afternoon, 16oz mid afternoon, 32oz 30min prior workout, 16oz trough out training, and 16oz post training…
    Good luck cause with out water it doesn't matter how good your diet is.... you may feel ok but you will not truly tap into your Chi and build mature muscle groups with out it... My first mistake I made when starting out... not enough water...2nd not enough pro-tein and at the wrong time... 3rd improper build of glycogen before training....
    For you morning gym rats make sure you down that protein 1hr before and then have a protein source during and immediately after.... because you surly have not built a smigit of glycogen which begets 1 of your ATP's sources.... which in turn moves those muscles

    Water post by me

    ***Added 7/19/03*** What I don’t talk enough about up top is the importance of eating complex carbs... I talk plenty about starch but hardly any about fiber... You need adequate fiber each day to keep digestion running smoothly if you know what I mean and not to mention the amount of vitamins and minerals you can get from fibrous carbs like anything with a green leafy look, ya know salads with lettuce and other good vegetables that are high in fiber... These are eaten for the high nutritional value...
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    If you want to keep most or all of your gains concentrate on your diet along with your gear. They go hand and hand, there can not be one with out the other....

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    The reason I keep posting this up to date, is so there is less talking about I lost... or I didn't keep my gains...
    Every time I hear this I know that probably improper training and of coarse, diet is the cause. You’re wasting these hormones and your money if your not going to support your metabolism properly... Don’t listen to people that talk about losing gains on a regular basis... In fact stay tha f%ck away from them cause their bad habits might rub off. Eat right, and grow....
    Eat poorly & not enough good calories and complain like a B!%ch all day long... about how you can't grow, get any size, and can't keep your gains.

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