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    Has primo depot died a death?

    I've heard the only primo you can get now is FAKE primo.

    I love this stuff. I'd be totally pissed off if this were true.

    Is it true?

    I'm reluctant to buy any as a result.

    I've heard if you contact schering in mexico or europe they can help.

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    Schering Germany for sure doesn't deliver anymore in Germany.
    There it was easy to get in any pharmacy (with prescription). In Spain you still can get it as far as I know. I'm in Lisboa next week + will find out. But it seems Schering International will not produce this product anymore
    Yes, yes: this is real bad news; Loved it too

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    I haven't heard of schering not producing it anymore, but personally I'd just get the powder make it myself at home, the cost of primo is way too high for my taste.

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    alevok Guest
    We still have real Turkish primo but nowadays we can not even find a single one. New primos are on the way though, I am planning to stock 1000 or more amps next time. They are good for 5 years and can turn to cash flow any time I want

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