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Thread: Sustanon 250mg

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    Post Sustanon 250mg

    We are a group of Indian gym guys that scam people for fun.
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    With all due respect I'm pretty confident there is already a boat load of information on each of the drugs you listed in our archives. I took the liberty of deleting you email address as your insinuation was bordering on source posting...and since I'm sure you thoroughly read our rules, you know we don't allow that sort of thing here. Thanks for understanding.

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    hey Mohan, are you guys in India or elsewhere??

    cuz if you are in India, man could you ever have ONE HELL OF A BODY
    if you want a starter cycle, you can either PM me or email me about it
    and I am based in Canada

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    Mohan AKA Mohanbolic AKA Rohangroupin is a SCAMMER.

    I banned Mohanbolic a few months ago for trying the same thing. If he ever tries to come back the entire internet bodybuilding community is going to hear that he's a scammer. Pete, you're too polite!

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