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    Test400 and Stanozol


    I finally took my first shot of Test400. I did 1/2cc or Test400 with 1/2cc of Ultragan in each tricep. I did it a couple hours ago and I have no pain at all in my arms. Nothing! When does the horrible pain everyone is talking about kick in?

    About the Stanazolol from Denkall pretty good? What kind of gains have those of you that have used it made? Does it make you explosive?

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    i have always used denkall's stanzolic

    up until now, i just got some jurox winny, i have always used stanzolic by denkal and loved use to hurt me when i used it i got so tight.i would lay on the couch or in bed w/ my gf and put my hands behind my head and it felt like my skin was gonna tear.that's how tight it made good stamina during workouts w/ it too.good enough that i noticed considerable improvement in that area of training.i did a EQ,halo,winny stack and i seriously thought my skin was gonna tear,haha

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    I had wicked pumps on it like Party said good luck

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