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    Fina lactating/gyno info-all should be aware!

    Here is a bunch of info that I have dug up on the subject of lactating
    breasts. I believe that this info is quite important, ESPECIALLY if
    you are using trenbolone acetate. The relevence of this info is due to the
    progestrone and prolactine levels that can skyrocketas a result of using
    trenbolone acetate.

    The following are definitions taken from Taber's Cyclopedic Med. Dict:

    lactogen-any substance that stimulates milk production.(i.e. prolactin)
    lactate-to secrete milk
    lactifuge-stopping milk secretion.(2) an agent stopping milk production
    lactogenic-induciing the lactation of milk
    lactorrhea-the discharge of milk between nursing, or otherwise

    prolactine-a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. in humans, prolactin in association with estrogen and progestrone stimulates the formation of breast tissue and the formation of milk during pregnancy. The act of suckling is an important stimulous in producing prolactin in the postpartum period. Some of the metabolic effects of prolactin are
    similar to gh. In the male it may cause impotence.(HMMMM? fina dick) Thyrotropin-releasing hormone and stress of all kinds can stimulate prolactin production.|

    hyperprolactinemea-an excess secretion of prolactine thought to be brought on
    by hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction. This is usually associated with amenorrhea with or
    without galactorrhea.

    I think that these definitions can help those who want to know more about side effects of trenbolone acetate. These definitions reveal some intresting facts about lactating side effects. It is known that lactifuges, such as bromocryptine can help curve the condition of lactation.

    1)it is stated in the above definition for prolactin that "the act of suckling is an important stimulous in producing prolactin"
    note: if this is the case those who have this condition of lactating nipples should leave the nipples ALONE. From the info presented, this could wind up worsening the situation.

    2)hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction-if the cause of progestrone based gyno,like that found in many users of trenbolone acetate it is vital that we discover what the interactions between the hypothalimous and pituitary glands and trenbolone acetate. There is some info about the reduction of T3, T4 causing problems with progestrone and elevated levels of prolactin but not enough specific facts. We, as responsible tren users, must delve into all of the sources that we have available to us. In the world of steroids , no amount of research is enough.

    Hope that this info is of great benefit to others who use tren. Keep the info flowing. Search using the defintions above and ammend to the info in this thread. Keep the facts flowing like a river.

    Thanks ya'll
    "no question should go unanswered"
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    All right all these post Ive seen about GYNO are not making me feel very good about my next cycle. I got the early signs of gyno last cycle due to the large amounts of dball that I wa taking(stupid), but took Nolva and they soon subsided.
    How strong of an agent is tren in producing gyno?! How prone or sensitive to it do you have to be in order to get it from tren? I dont think I really have to worry but can people w/ experience w/ tren and gyno please shed some light.

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    Does this mean i can buy a breast pump and make my own milk?

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    Wow ... this kinda ruins my plans for addin fina to my cycle ... Actually, nah it doesnt haha

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    Ive been of fina four weeks now and have had no symptons yet. It all depends on the person. Some people will get it and some wont. Plus when you run the dosages higher theres a better chance of getting it.

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    I used tren 80mgs with NO problems at all.....try and see its such a short ester you can stop if problems occur...just keep your eyes open....great post

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    First, I would like to say that I'm glad to hear that you guys haven't suffered any negative sides from tren . Not everyone will experience this form of lactating gyno. Depending on the persons endocrine system, the negative sides can pop up at any time during or after the cycle. Sensative people will begin to show lactating symptons, breast sensativity, and all the common sides of gyno. I will keep posting any info that I can dig up and ammend to this thread. Thanks for the response

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    this info was really good. If you get anymore please post.

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