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Thread: d-bol bloating

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    d-bol bloating

    I started to notice bloating with d-bol, should I take nolvadex and how much??

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    Bloating is normal with D-bol... It's a big part of the reason why your weight and strenght go up so quick... I wouldn't take any nolva unless you start to develop signs of gyno...

    Nolva will hinder your gains bro... If anything take Proviron ... It blocks the conversion of estrogen and also gives a little boost in gains at 50mg a day...

    Also please tell me you're not taking D-Bol by itself???

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    what else are you taking on this cycle?

    dbol gives you water gains so there isnt a hell of alot you can do about it.

    buff87 has some good info for ya

    BUMP for more

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    also taking deca

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    I took Adex .25mgs ED and it controled the water gains.

    My cycle included Deca , dbol , Cyp, Fina and winny ... 12 weeks and gained 34lbs... and kept 28lbs. of lean mass.... Plan and be ready for anything... post cycle is just as important bro !!!

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    are provison legal?? to but??

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