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    Question newbee here need some advice on a cycle please

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this. Any and all info is appreciated.

    I am 27 years old 156lbs 5'11" I go to the gym every other day and lift and run. I would like to do a cycle to bulk up and put on some mass and my buddy got me some gear but I am not sure on how to stack it. i'm not very good on the amounts i should take. i'm not sure about the amounts on the needles or anything like that. like mg and ml i dont know how much they are. i know most of you wil flame for not know this stuff but if you plan on only doing that then dont bother. please only people that are really looking to help respond.
    i have shot my friend up before with test & deca but i dont remember the amounts that we used.
    so what i need is amounts needed and how i should stack, and a good estrogen inhibitor. thanks for the help.

    this is what I got for my first cycle

    super test 250
    decanandrolen 200
    anadrol 75mg tabs

    he also gave me clenbuterol 0.02mg tablets and Omifin clomifeno 50mg tablets he told me to do these tabs after the end of the cycle. are these my estrogen inhibitor? he has moved away and now I have no one to help me with my first cycle. so I need help now. thanks for your time every one

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    well, you've come to the right place. thanks for askin the board first instead of just stickin yourself like some of the other newbies out there.

    with what you have on hand, you could run something like this :

    1-2 abombs
    1-10 deca 200 mg's / week
    1-10 test 250 mg's / week

    now that's a pretty mild cycle right there cause the dosages are so low, but could prove to be a good one if it's your first cycle and your receptors are free / fresh.

    as far as the mg / ml conversion stuff, it's pretty simple. the test 250 you've got is Tornel Super Test 250, and it's got 250 mg's / mL (1 mL = 1 cc). anytime you see a number following the name of the product, that's usually it's concentration.

    i've answered a few of the things you were askin for, so now it's your time to do some searching. hit the search button at the top and search for clomid - you'll get tons of hits on how to take it after your cycle is completed.

    depending on where you're gonna inject the stuff at, you're probably gonna want to get some 23 guage 1 1/2" (or 1"). if you wanna shoot in the delts (which isn't a pain at all, don't be scared), you can get 25 guage 1". check out for all the places to stick yourself. (they've got a link at the top of the page where you can order pinz from)

    also, how is your diet ?? that's more important than any needle you stick in your ass.

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    thanks for the info

    my diet... well I am working on that I know I need to eat alot better then I do right now before I start my cycle. I am doing a search on eating as we speak. but any and all inf would be great..

    thanks again

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    The clomifeno is your should take that post cycle to help preserve your gains. I have no idea why he gave you clen , other than he is a moron.

    Clen is a fat burner, its for losing weight.


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