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    superclen 0.5 mg +10 mg ketotifen

    Who knows this one, and how do you use it, because it is superstrong.
    I normally use 0.1mg - 0.14mg clen a day.

    And what is the ketitofen doing. I know it is an anti histaminic, and a side effect is gaining wheight.

    Thanks for your input.


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    Ketotifen isn't used to gain weight in our sport, bro. What it does is upregulate the Beta-2 receptors that clen binds to, causing the clen to remain effective for prolonged periods of time. Basically what that means is that you don't have to cycle the clen 2 weeks on, 2 off. You can continuously take it for 4, 6, or even 8 weeks.

    For more info, check out the post in the hot topics section about ketotifen.


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    yes man ketotifen "cleans" your receptors ..

    also try starting off with a 1/4 tabs a day and work your way up to a tab .. slowly

    its some strong shit

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