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    sustanon cycle and HCG advice

    I just finished my PCT after my first cycle which was

    testoviron 750mg/wk (weeks 1-12)
    deca 600/wk (weeks 4-10)

    and for PCT (weeks 14-18) chlomid 100/ed nolva 40/ed / tribulus. My body stats are:

    age: 27
    weight: 205 lbs
    height: 6'
    bf: 12%
    years of training: 5

    I gained 20 lbs from the cycle and I'm planing to move to a new cycle of sustanon which will be:

    (the cycle will start a month after the end of the pct).

    sustanon: 500mg/wk (weeks 1-10)
    deca: 600mg (weeks 1-8)
    d-bol: 40mg/ed (weeks 1-4)
    nolva: 20mg/ed (weeks 1-12)
    HCG : 250iu x 2 (weeks 1-12)

    PCT I'll follow the protocol chlomid /nolva weeks 12-16.

    I aim to gain at least 20lbs and maintain my bf at the same levels with good diet.
    I'd like to hear opinions about the cycle and the HCG input since it is the first time that i'll use it. Do you think HCG is good to be in this cycle?
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    I will let the Vet's back me up on this....You are starting 4 weeks after your last week of PCT. You should be waiting 16 weeks after your last day of PCT. (Cycle + PCT = Time off). So 12 weeks worth of cycling + your 4 weeks of PCT. Ive incorporated HCG into my cycle, 250 IU's every 4 days. Supposed to work wonders for your balls and sex drive and help when you transition to your PCT.

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    Good to know about the extended brake I never heard that before. I thought 4-8 weeks is the brake between the cycles. Anyway about the HCG I'm asking if it is good to have it since I'm only going to have my 2nd cycle. So I don't know if it is required.

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    Yah, take more time off between cycles.

    HCG use looks fine.

    I'd run the test to 12 weeks, and the deca for 10 weeks.

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    Thanks I'll do a 12 week cycle with deca running up to week 10.

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