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    steroid cycle info

    I want to know the folowing:Im on Deca300 cycle for five weeks,but deca alone not seeing any gains but defnitly seeing muscle size growth and gaining alot of strengh.My joints havent felt better then this, so i can train harder im eating 5-7 meals a day packet with high protein and carbs but stil seeing smal gains.
    Question: After this cycle i want to start a sus250 cylce and after that a pregnyl cycle, wil i see big musclegains with the sus and wil the pregnyl help me keep those gains.And if necessary wil dianbol help with the sus,any info wil help me alot thnx
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    How is your dick working?

    You should read about stuff before you start taking it. Quit taking the deca start some PCT and go to your doctor for some blood work.



    You shouldnt be taking deca alone as it shuts down your natural test. You should be running that sus with deca or some other form of test.

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    training experience
    cycle experience
    goals with this cycle
    planned pct

    Are your running Deca alone?
    Why did you stat you aren't seeing gains, yet you are seeing muscle size growth, and an increase in strength? Aren't those gains?

    Rule of thumb: Time on + time off including PCT and an additional month to get blood work done is when you'll be ready to cycle again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frischris View Post
    Im on Deca300 cycle for five weeks,but deca alone not seeing any gains but defnitly seeing muscle size growth and gaining alot of strengh.
    So muscle size increasing and strength increases arent gains?

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    if u ask u r fishing (%
    Sounds like you have planned everything out really well?!? I would strongly recommend you stop your current cycle and run PCT then I would spend as much time as you can researching what it is that you are planning on doing to yourself. How you can blindly go about injecting yourself with foreign substance without, at the very minimum, a slight understanding of what it is you are doing is beyond my understanding.

    Welcome to AR, please take into consideration what I just said.

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    First im not understanding how size and strength arent gains.

    second why just deca ...from what ive read thats one the the dumbest things a person can do in the AAS world...(exaggeration?)

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    not a great first post but iv seen worse. lol welcome to ARR and liek they all said you should have researched a lot more.
    Start PCT

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