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Thread: 10 hairs a day

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    10 hairs a day

    you guys probably think this is stupid or whatever. but i have been losing like 10 hairs a day in the shower in my hands. I started about a month ago after using that dht gel for gyno. i stopped it over a month ago and still no change. I have been using nizerol 1%. My question really is. Is this going to stop? if so when?

    Do u think all the dht killed some folicles now the hair is slowly coming out? This is really aggravating, thanks

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    You might check into this stuff:
    Spironolactone, it's some sort of heart medication you apply topically. Dunno if it works, but I think other hair-saving therapies work pretty much on the same principle.
    Lemme know if it works . . .

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