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    eq and winstrol V

    planning second cycle: decided on eq and winstrol . my goal is to gain about 5-10 lbs. of good lean muscle. ive done research and read posts about this ,is this a feasible goal; i weigh now 170, and very lean, i would like to get more ripped though with a couple new pounds, ive been told that this cyle could make me hard(nice) as well, anyone experience this kind of result

    cycle:wks1-8 eq 300mg/wk
    wks4-8win 50mg/eod

    any thoughts on this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance:

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    i do that cycle alot

    i love the results.i throw in halo for a little more density, but yeah good cycle for the guys who like to be ripped and not be meatheads.moderate size, definately, ripped(if your bf is really low) and strength is good despite what some steroid rankings say.good luck bro

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    I would say up your intake of eq up to 600 mg per week I generally start that same cycle in time for wummer and it rips me to sheds with a good diet

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    Mike Guest
    EQ at 400-600/wk and winny at 50mg/ED not EOD - other than that - good cycle

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    halotestin is bad news dude

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