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    Question about waiting till I have more experince under my belt...

    I'm leaning strongly towards a fina/winny/clomid cycle.

    Most people are suggesting that i wait until i have more experience with AS because Fina can be very toxic to your body.

    I was planning on taking 75mgs a day of the fina 2-8 (minus 3 days) weeks and winny 1-8 weeks and start clomid the day after the last winny. I've done much research and have my diet in order, got to my goal weight and BF% before starting a cycle.

    Why wait is my question?
    Will my body build up a resistance with less toxic cycles?
    Just learn more about AS before using the more toxic ones?

    I have my cycle all though out and have done the research for it, though now I'm thinking off adding some slin in there but have to do more reading on that yet (many post to come).

    I also don't want to be a ignorant fuck and not listen to advise from more experienced users.

    Help me!

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    the more years of cycle experiance you have, the less the effect you will get from low doses of the "clean" stuff. ie. test , deca , etc... thats when you add the more toxic, stronger stuff like fina. you will get all the results you want on 4-600 mgs test a week and 400 mgs deca a week. its kinda like using morphine for a simple headache when regular strength tylenol would easily do the job. follow me?

    besides that, you need to know what your doing when fooling around with fina, a50 and the like. these things can really screw you up.

    i asked your stats, etc.. in your last thread, so i'll wait on that before elaberating any further.

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    If i were you I would not be fucking with slin this early in the game...most definetly give that a little more time and can kill you if you're not careful or put you in a coma,I don't think you want that...

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    Oh sorry Kev,

    21 years old
    9-10% BF

    What would you guys suggest for me?

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    I would suggest you wait with AAS till you're about 25. Since you might not listen, at least take the advice of the big guys and don't mess with fina or slin for a while ( a long while ). Trust me, there are doctors out there that don't know enough to be taking things like slin. You don't wanna go to sleep and never awake again.

    I'd suggest this cycle, it should get you some quality mass no problem:
    wk 1-10 sust 250-500mg, deca 200-400mg
    wk 1-4 d-bol 30 mg/day
    wk 13,14,15 clomid

    (proviron /arimidex and nolvadex in the drawer next to the gear and alcohol swabs)

    Not complicated, cheap, and VERY effective. I think you should start with cycles that are easier to follow, with less injections per week. You will gain, if you train and eat and sleep right, there's no question about it.

    Don't start a cycle just because someone told you it's a good cycle, do your own research and make educated decisions.

    Good luck!

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