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    Question Ready to start, and have some last minute questions...

    Ok, my buddy finally is ordering his juice. I guess it was not as easy to get as he thought it would be. Anyway, for those of who have not read my previous post, or don?t remember the details, here is a brief overview. I am 22 years old and have been training since the age of 15, with the same training partner. Neither one of us have ever done anabolic steroids or any kind of supplements. My training partner has mentioned that he wants to experiment with steroids. I am 5?10? and weigh 235. My bench press is 450, deadlift 560, and squat is 440. My partner (six months older than me) is 6?0? and weighs 225 bench presses 360, deadlifts 460, and squats 260. We put together a cycle from the help of the wonderful individuals on this board. However, he had made a few changes. Here is what he elected to go with based on an 8 day a week workout routine (hence one week equals 8 days, not 7) 8 week cycle:

    Dianabol : 30 mg a day (weeks 1-4)
    Deca -Durabolin : 400 mg a week (weeks 1-8, injection once every 8 days)
    Sustanon : 500 mg a week (weeks 1-8, injection once every 8 days)
    Clomid: 300 mg day after last injection, 100 mg days 2-12 after last injection. 50 mg a day days 13-21 after last injection

    I was wondering if this cycle seems sufficient for a first time juicer? Originally, the plan was for 12 weeks, but I was wondering if cutting back to 8 weeks would make a huge difference? Also, should the Dianabol be tapered, or is a steady dosage of 30 mg a day ok? One final question, should Deca and Sustanon be increased after the discontinuance of Dianabol? I apologize for the all the questions. I just wanted to be informed as possible before I stick my best friend, and I was contemplating doing the same cycle myself after he finishes his cycle, based upon the results he gets. Thanks again.


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    Its fine I would up my dbal between 40-50mg per day and you need to space your clomid out two to three weeks after your last shot other than that Its fine for a first time cycle Dont taper your dbal

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    Why are you injecting every 8 days? Do you really intend to inject 400mg Deca 500mg Sus like that?

    IMO 2 injections EW, 200mg deca/250mgSus Each injection.

    Do not need to increase Sus/Deca as its not going to be apparent until week 4 /5 anyway, hence kick-starting gains with D-Bol.

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    Agree with the above, but tell your friend to find a decent squat rutine! Bench 360 and squat 260?!? What's your friend's name? Jhonny Bravo

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