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    Help needed

    Hey guys, I’m doing my first steroid cycle( bulking cycle, using Deca Nor 50 and D bol from edit, marcus), however, im not sure of the daily doses of those. Moreover, im planning to do a cutting cycle after finishing this cycle ( after 8 weeks), what are ur recommendation. And is it important to do a post cycle therapy after finishing the cutting cycle. Im 19 years old, 165 lb, daily calorie intake: between 2500-3000.

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    first off that is a terrible first cycle, you cant just do cycle after cycle. and you must do pct after every cycle. you need to do way more research before you even consider steroids .

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    plus too young...

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    Considering that your source legal steroids dot com you dont have much to worry about since neither of them are AAS so it's doubtful they will shut down your natural test production or do much of anything more than your basic multi vitamin would do.

    Also as noted, you are FAR to young to be thinking about doing any type of cycle even if you dont care about your natural production of testosterone or if your dick will work next week. If it was real deca than you can pretty much forget about being able to please yourself let alone a girlfriend anytime in the near future until you learn how to cycle properly and what a PCT is. Even if you learn these things doing any AAS before the age of 24 you are putting yourself at risk.

    Best thing you can do and what will give you the best results beyond doing any aas is to learn what to eat. Diet is the most essential part of any aas cycle as much as it is if you are natural. If your diet is not 100% your gains wont be and at your age you will have better gains, no side effects to worry about and 100% keep-able/maintainable gains.

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    You are too young. Please research how you can mess yourself up. I would post it for you but frankly I am tired of repeating myself.

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