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    Should I give LIQUID CLOMID a shot in my situation

    Long story short

    did a really long cycle last summer...didnt do proper hcg in september when got off and shut down really bad

    blooodwork done in Jan showed toal test at 380

    blooowork done in Feb showed it at 481

    and blooodwork done today showed it at 521

    so I am definitelly gettin better

    ENDO just wants nature to take its course and being that my test levels are getting normal to just leave it alone

    BUT i feel although 521 is in the normal range...PRE-CYCLE i was in the 800s

    i doint wanna do HCG now to speed up the process becayse it may have a negative effect and shut me down more but would ORDERING SOME LIQUID CLOMID AND TAKING IT OVER THE NEXT MONTH HELP OR HURT MY RECOVERY???

    my libido is better than it was in January but im not where I was precycle and my erections are about 80% of what they girl said she noticed a difference.....any advice vets?

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    You can always run it, i always brake out when i take that stuff just a fyi. I am in a similar dilemma, started hitting legs and seems like my test levels have risen.

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    I believe it will only be a temp fix, if you run clomid your bloods will show your test higher, but when you come off it will decrease. you can still run it while it takes your body time to recover naturally

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    380 ng/dl is not shut down. 10 /ng/dl is, and your are producing test. Id leave it alone and wait.

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