Hi ,
i am new to posting threads but want to seek advice so i hope you guys can help. I have been training for 6 years now and have had a steardy size and strength gain from 78kg to 100kg now at just 22 years old. The past three years i have done cutting cycles and reflex bulking cycles by changing my trainin and nutrtion and supplements. The first year cutting cycle i didnt use any gear just changed my diet and training. I learnt a hard lesson as i lost lots of muscle as well as fat due to overdieting and fasting my self. I lost my full ness and got back to bulking gaining all the weight i had lost. The second year i dieted steadily lowering my carbs and had two coarses of anavar with some clen which helped me keep muscle volume but i overtrained and went into ketosis and found it hard to train. This year i have gained all my size and more and am looking to cut better than before. I have never took steroids before the var and wondered if this year pro chem one rip testerone will be up more up my street. I dont necessarlly want to gain size but want to keep my muscles looking full whilst still getting clean cut abs and ceratus definition.couple of lads look good on this at gym but they are naturally more lean than me. wont to know if this will be good for at this point odr if i should not bother? I have a full head of hair, am not agressive at all and fairly ok skin....i had no side effects from the var, will the side effect of this test mix come to kick me in the balls or will it create what i am after????

open to all advice nath