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    How much is to much?

    Who many mls is safe to shoot in one spot at one time?

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    I'm no doctor but common sense should tell you to not go over 3ml each spot. If your gonna keep using you don't want no scar tissue trust me on that. ;-)
    You'll be better off embracing the fact of becoming a human pin cushion , one ass cheek with 4 or more mls is gonna be really uncomfortable. (Especially if your running prop or sustanon whenn you go over 1 1/2 the swollen pain almost always creeps up into the flank of your back and just adds to the misery)

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    Obviously it would depend on the muscle. Larger muscles can hold more oil than smaller muscles.
    One could inject 3ml in a glute if necessary. However 3ml in a bicep wouldn't work for most people.

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