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    Hows my Gear and Diet with it ?

    This is my second cycle. My first was just TEST CYP 200 a week for 12 weeks.
    5'8" 200lbs 45yrs old. with my work I can only do full body workout 3 to 4 days a week great form always trying to fool my muscles and very intense, i stay in the 10 to 15 rep with every set. I have been training since I was 16yrs old.1/2hr cardio each time I train, very intense. Just started Running outside today, which I'm hoping will get rid of the little extra Fat i have. I want to become more vascular and cutt and i have fat around my waist i cant get ride of!! Can you guys take a look at my diet, cardio, and gear.

    200 TEST CIP, 400 DECA - a week-
    starting HGH next week but doing alot of research on all the hows
    also have sus 250 which i was thinking of taking instead of the test cyp. 500mg per week, but the injection site of the cyp kills for me for a week. nothing eles does that to me ? but i get my cyp from my doctor and its not enough

    here is my diet

    Wake-47gram protein shake, double shot coffee for caffine. 16 onces of water
    gym 3hrs- 76 onces of water

    breakfast- trader joe oatmeal complete,walnuts,frozen-straw,rasp,mango,blueberry in oatmeal47gram shake. fish oil,multi vit. 16 onces of water

    snack 2hrs later-47 grams new whey liquid protein. hand full of walnuts or almonds with craisins-bananna.

    lunch-4oz boiled chicken (adobo for flavor)1/2 cup brown rice or med sweet potatoe- mix veggies. 16 oz water.

    snack 2hrs later- boiled chicken on 7 grain bread with mayo. 16 oz water.

    dinner- 8oz fish or chicken or beef or turkey- brown rice or sweet, veggies 16 oz water
    before bed- 47 gram shake.

    some small apples during the day if im hungry.
    a little wine on the weekend.


    Can't get ride of the body fat around the waist and not very vascular..... I have winsrol pills for a later cycle

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    The answer you want about your diet would be much better off in the diet part of the forum. I find with the gear end and your weight that cardio is best for me and ab workouts. Just personal thoughts but gear shouldn't be used to slim down but a good cardio workout with the right diet.

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    on the diet..
    try to eat some kind of meat (egg/chicken/fish) in the morning. protein shakes should only be taken post workout and before bed time (in my opinion and in many other jacked people's opinion's)

    if you are looking to cut body fat, stop eating all that fruit and mayo.. eat less, but keep eating the same amount of protein (or more protein) switch up the types of cardio that you do, and try to do it 5-6 days a week. that is all i can really say

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