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    Cycle Questions + Past Experiences (Sus, Deca, IGF-1 L3)

    Hey guys,

    I'm 32, 5'11" tall, and weigh 220 lbs, BF 16%.
    I have done two cycles before; Test E, Tren and Var. And one of D-bol when I was younger.

    I want to do a winter/bulk cycle (my aim is to gain 10lbs of pretty lean muscle):

    Wk 1-10: 750mg EW (2x375 Sun/Wed) Sus 250 (1000mg kick start wk 1)
    Wk 1-10: 250mg EW Deca
    Wk 1-4: 50mcg ED IGF-1 L3 (25mcg bi-laterally Mon-Fri post workout)
    Wk 8-11: 50mcg ED IGF-1 L3 (25mcg bi-laterally Mon-Fri post workout)
    Wk 1-10: Adex 0.25mg E3D

    *HCG only wk 7: 500IU (Mon, Wed, Fri)

    PCT: (15 Days After last Pin)

    wk 13-16 Nolva: 40/40/20/20(mg ED)
    wk 13-14 Clomid: 50mg ED
    wk 13-16 Tribulus 50mg ED

    Multi-V/ Fish Oil/ Milk thistle/ Celery Seed.

    Just a few Questions:
    - How does my cycle look?
    - Is my pct good enough?
    - I have never used Sus and/or Deca before will i bloat much of them? If i do get a watery look, will it be off balanced by the IGF-1, since it's supposed to help with fat loss?
    - What are the major side effects of IGF-1 L3?
    - I have extra Nolva on hand for any gyno problems


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    1. You don't need a kick start with sus250. The short esters are there to kick in quickly. The amount of short ester Test in 750mg and 1000mg is not that much.
    2. 250mg/wk deca is a good amount. With the amount of Test in sus250 you shouldn't get deca d*ck.
    3. I don't believe in igf-lr3. I think you're wasting your money.
    4. 1500iu/wk of HCG is getting close to anabolic . You want to be at 250iu twice a week. 500iu/wk total. That will keep you from getting totally shut down.
    5. You should wait 19 to 21 days before PCT. It takes that long for the long ester Test to get out of your system.
    6. You should take 100mg Clomid for the first week and back down to 50mg for weeks 2, 3 & 4.
    7. You might get a little bloat from Deca Test but the adex should keep some of that down.
    8. The major side effect of igf-lr3 is that, for the cost, it does little to build muscles.
    Have a good cycle.

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    Im not sure, ive heared a lot of good things about IGF-1 L3. You gain new muscle from your body actually building new fibers and plus i heard you can eat a lot of carbs without gaining fat.
    Anyone else for more input/ help please?

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