So im new to this forum, ive done a lot of reading on Different products. Ive been on Test Cyp 200 and Deca 200 For the last 3 months. was only taking 1 ml every 5 days. Was reccomended to start on a lower dosage to get my body used to it first. Now im About to purchase more and want to stack something else but want opinions first. So my stats im 22 6'3 235 probably 15% body fat I was At one time 315 and got down to about 220. So my goal with Taking Test and deca was to Build More mass to fill in Loose Skin, So far in my attempts im seeing gains and the results i want but know i can see more by increasing my test dosages and stacking other products. This time i want to alternate between test 250 cyp and test 250 eth and still stack Deca with it. Im really curious about a cutter such as D bol or winstrol but im not sure if its really what im looking for i am trying to get big but also get more tone. Please Any information and opinions would be appreciated.