I've been lurking around the site for a while and gathering up lots of information, first time posting.
I'm 24, 5'8", 180lbs

I just recently purchased keto, Albuterol and T3 from ar-r and received it today. My overall goals are to slim down a bit and cut a bit of fat off. Currently I'm working on tweaking my diet and exercise program. I will be moving soon though and once I get settled into my new area I will be able to focus 100% on my plan.

Throughout the site i've been reading dosages for all three and this is what I had planned.

I'm going to start with 6mg alb and 25mcg T3. I will prob stay at the same dosage for 2 days to see how I am reacting before upping the dosage. It also seems that the max people are dosing the Alb at is 18mg so I'll try that and if I feel I can go higher then I will bump it up. T3 most people are saying 50mcg/ED and I've seen some say they have gone as high as 125mcg/ED. I'll test things out on that side but I'm thinking 50-75mcg at the max dosage and ween myself down when I'm nearing the end of the cycle.

I've read about the muscle loss on T3, but it's not really a concern with me right now. I'm already a pretty husky fella and I've been gyming it up for 5+ years, so a bit of muscle loss I don't mind (I can always gain it back later).

Next, as far as the thyroid concerns with T3 I haven't really seen anything "PCT" wise on that. Is there anything I can try out after the cycle is finished just as a precautionary measure? I'm going to be super careful during dosing the T3 so I don't obliterate my thyroid and hopefully coming down slowly before finally dropping it will be enough.

whew, a lot of typing. So what are your opinions on what I'm wanting to do?