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    Question about Clomid

    OK guys... free test was 987

    did a 10 week cycle of sustanon and tren from july to november...

    didnt do proper PCT and experienced a bit of a shutdown...........

    test was measured at 372 in jan...

    took clomid and nolva and last month, 50 clomid..40 nolva daily , my bw came back at 797 last wk

    i have a libido and can get an erection with a cialis or levitra but prior to a that last cycle, i would get horney daily and would need to rub one out if my girl wasnt around

    for some drive isnt like that anymore and when i attempt to dick doesnt get fully hard

    im 33...199.....did a few cycles in my late 20s...usually just summer stacks

    is my isssue test 797 ...not the 987 i was prioer and if so, would taking addditional clomid help me out in getting my test back to its normal level of last year at this time...987

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    797 should be more than enough test to have a healthy sex drive. Other factors can effect your libido.

    50mg of clomid is a little low most guys run 100mg per day for two weeks and the 50mg for another two weeks. Along with nolvadex 40/40/20/20.
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