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    education on bodybuilding

    hello, i've always wondered, how bodybuilders know how many sets and reps too do on each body part, i know people are different and grow different, but how do they know what to do. is there an education part to it. because sometimes, people can over train an do too many reps and/or sets or not enough.and also when training a body part, what exercises are best. any info is appreciated thanks guys.
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    the science for muscular growth is fairly detailed, and we have accumulated much knowledge over the past 50 years.

    We now know that after 100% fatiguing a muscle, it needs a good 4 or 5 days of rest, and it is during this rest that muscles grow.

    There are a variety of muscle tissues that respond differently to stimulous. Call them fast twitch and slow twitch if you will. Fast twitch is the type we focus on, and with in that group, there are subsets of tissue, call them A B and C. Some tissue is very strong, yet fatigues quickly, usually within 4 or 5 reps. Some not so strong, and takes longer to fatigue, usually within 12 reps or so. and there is B, the one in the middle. So a proper workout will hit on all these different tissues.

    Typically, a knowledgeable individual, when working out, will only exercise one muscle group a week, (under normal circumstances). This gives the muscle excellent opportunity for rest, and therefore growth.

    So for now, maybe you should go to the exercise section here
    and learn everything you can on exercising, paying particular attention to the first 5 threads (called stickies, cause they are always at the top, as if "stuck" there)

    Next, go to the diet section here
    and learn all you can about eating correctly.

    This sport, obviously, is much more than just reps and sets. it is also knowledge. Now go learn my friend!

    Good luck!

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