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    Blood work back - is it normal after a cycle like this?

    I just did a 12 week cycle. Test 500mg/week, EQ 300mg/week, anavar 60mg/ED for 8 weeks. I know the EQ was a waste, haha. Any recommendations? I am on TRT so getting my natty test levels back is no big deal obviously.

    Blood results:
    test level >1500 high
    estradiol 56.4 high
    RBC 6.05 high
    AST 50 high
    ALT 75 high
    LH 0.1 low
    FSH 0.2 low

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    if you just finished than that looks like wha to expect, your lh and fsh show you as shut down and your test and e are high, no suprise there

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