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    Possible new look at pct

    Hey fellas,
    So I just ran into my first case of gyno. I got it under control withing a couple of days. When i saw the white rings around my nipples i posted here and found it to be gyno.
    So after some research about letro is sounds like a good way to go about handleing it is to run with the nolva from onset of gyno then poceed through the rest of your cycle once finished start letroif it is still a problem or gyno has set in forsure. then go into pct.
    My thinking is that with an extra 2 weeks on letro your test levels can recover and then enter pct to conteract the rebound effect, so basicly pct is 6 weeks instead of 4 all while on pct and 2 weeks after running somthing like tribulus or some type of test booster.
    Is my thinking correct or am i missing a few key points?
    BTW i know pct would eb a spot to look but it's so damn slow responding...

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    so cycle would look like
    Test 1-12 or what ever the case.
    nolva from onset of gyno 40-60mg till say two weeks after last pin if using long ester shorter if not
    letro overlap one day then letro at c bino reversal for 2 weeks i think... maybe longer..
    then pct for 4 weeks with test booster

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