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    When on How much harder do you train?

    With all the research I have done. I didn't want to push my self to the extent where I injure and can't continue.

    My gains have been pretty good I am worried that I could train longer but risk tendon or ligament tear or stress fracture.

    I normally weight train for an hr and 1/2 and do 30 mins of Cardio (2hrs total workout) M-W-F.

    This is my first cycle. Test 500/30mg dbol /250mg hcg 2x /10mg stane eod
    Status 27 5'9 193 12.5%bf

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    I tend to train muscle groups more often when I am "on" due to the increased recovery time. I also train heavier just from the increased strength and my training sessions go a bit longer which I feel is ok while "on" due to suppressed cortisol thanks to the AAS.

    The hard part is breaking that habit once I am done PCT.

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    Your workout is a lil to long.Mine are around 45 min.
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    i increase my cardio to help minimize hypertrophy. It also is a good way for me to stretch and move around in the morning after waking from deep sleep ( i sleep better).. i just make sure that i am exhausted by bed time, mind and body. I also do more body weight exercises outside of my 'workout' time, helps with flexibility and soreness. massages also are awesome!
    but thats mainly to help control soreness, plus a good reason to get a DT massage

    Smart thinking not going to heavy for concern of ur tendons, however if you had a proper base of workouts just be smart and not strain to hard and you should be fine. *proper base consisting of diet, workout knowledge commitment and time, and an open mind to new ideas. Noone is perfect, u can always improve something that affects what your trying to do.
    If you find yourself holding back more than you want to due to fear, concentrate on high reps w/ low weight/bodywieght because that is what creates hyperplasia. Think of a bird, can a bird bench is bodyweight (somehow make it comparable ) It might have some good peak strength, but it will lack severe endurance at that weight, yet they can flap their wings all day and fly and such and have huge pecs. Same concept, keep working hard for your strength gains cuz thats where most of ur size comes from is the fast twitch-anaeroibic fibers, basicaly they work real fast while holding breathe. Thats why fatigues happens so fast with those type of exercise. So, after your all fatigued from lifting weights, and working @ the gym for ur 'workout time' when you are recovering/recovered from ur workout that day, that high rep body weight exerciises really helped my physique. Yes the big weights gave me mass and size, but the endurance workouts make my muscles more defined which made me look bigger still cuz i wasnt a big softie.

    I would add in some ED cardio however, for general hearth health. When you endurance train your heart, the valves can hold more blood per pump, increasing cardiac output while keeping HR the same. But increased stroke volume increases blood pressure, due to increased volume of the heart it has to work harder to move it the same distance, so it has to use more pressure to move the blood the same amount. While this seems like a negative thing to do, it is actually good for your heart. So when u cardio it uo, your HR doesn't increase as much porpionally like BP does. but thats when your body needs the xtra blood when ur running is when ur BP raises and HR raises. When you arent exercising, so the rest of the day, your heart will being to pump more blood with each stroke, which lowers HR because now ur not exercising but you have been running so your heart's chambers increased in size.. when you dont have the need for the xtra blood (oxygen for ur muscles) your heart doesnt have to pump as often to keep up the supply of fresh blood.
    Now, there are many other players with BP, HR, etc... thats if everything is kept the same and ur workouts change..

    wow, Im liking this combo of boredom of the day + curiosity of topic + dexametaphine is kickin in :P

    anyways, if ur lost just tell me and ill clear it up for ya

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    What are your stats?
    hour and half IMHO is to long, keep it under an hour, try and make it more intense for shorter peroids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus300 View Post
    What are your stats?
    hour and half IMHO is to long, keep it under an hour, try and make it more intense for shorter peroids.
    marcus, is that u in ur avy?!

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    I train the same on or off cycle and by that i mean i use common logic and i listen to what my body is telling me.

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    Yup that body says Hall of fame to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by songdog View Post
    Your workout is a lil to long.Mine are around 45 min.
    I think if you are only working out 3 days a week then 2 hours is fine but def do not go over 2 hrs and make sure you are getting plenty of aminos and carbs during workout esspecially if bulking is goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gucks View Post
    marcus, is that u in ur avy?!
    No thats a gorilla.

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