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    EQ vs Fina for cutting

    Alright bros, here's the dilemma.

    I am used to being around 10-14% bf usually and now I bulked a little too hard and am up to 18-19%. I want to try and drop to below 10%. I am starting a cutting cycle in January and for those of you who haven't seen it, it looks like this:

    wk 1-8 Cut Fuel .5ml ED (50mg Fina + 50mg Susp + 25mg Masteron )
    wk 1-8 T-3
    wk 1-4 Ketotifen 2mg ed
    wk 1-4,7,8 Clen
    wk 5-8 Winny 50mg ed
    wk 9, 11 DNP (pyramid up to 500mg/d)
    wk 1-8 .5mg liquidex ed
    wk 9-11 Clomid

    But now I am reconsidering the Cut Fuel. I am thinking of either running just 75mg Fina ed or maybe switching to EQ. I bloat a lot from EQ, but that's why there is liquidex in the cycle.

    My question is which is better for cutting, EQ or Fina. Also, are there special diet considerations when on either (I have never used Fina before and never used EQ for cutting, just bulking).

    My diet will be around 3000 cals a day, 300-350g protein, 200-250g carbs, and around 75g fats. I will also be doing cardio 3 days a week, maybe 4. Each cardio session usually runs about 20-30 minutes.

    Any suggestions??? I can't decide between Fina and EQ. Or is there a better solution?

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    Originally posted by sk*
    i dont think its good to stack anything with DNP

    as in no clen and t3 specially

    Bro, he said he was using DNP week 9, 11...everything else besides clomid ends on week 8.

    GBH: Just one question, I know SQUAT about DNP....but is it ok to be on clomid while running DNP?...or should you wait until after clomid to hit up DNP...just want you to be safe bro. You're dealing with a HARDCORE substance.

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    Originally posted by sk*
    i dont think its good to stack anything with DNP

    as in no clen and t3 specially
    His cycle says....
    Originally posted by Gonna Be HUGE
    wk 1-8 Cut Fuel .5ml ED (50mg Fina + 50mg Susp + 25mg Masteron )
    wk 1-8 T-3
    wk 1-4,7,8 Clen
    wk 9, 11 DNP

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    Dump the cut fuel and get some winny in there. Fina/EQ/winny is a KILLER cutting cycle and your will get strength out the waaaZooo as well.

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    Bro, I already got winny in there.

    I am kinda low on cash now (everything but the fina/EQ/Cut Fuel has been bought) I am trying to decide between those three as I only have money for one (otherwise I'd throw them all in cuz Im one crazy mofo! LOL )

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    Ranger Guest
    Stick with Fina Bro....Tests have shown that Tren aids in the burning of fat, and this should clue you in on the DNP as well....Running both together would spell disaster in the end....fat comes off slow, and with you diet and cardio, it'll the DNP for post cycle, it'll aid in recovery, and has shown to upregulate recepters....

    Here is an excerpt from a report by Fonz....Enjoy....

    One of the main problems that affect post-cycle muscle
    catabolism is T3(thyroxine) levels within the blood-stream.
    As we all well know T3 works through PROTEOLYTIC
    Steroids suppress TSH which in turn lowers T3 and T4
    production in the thyroid gland.
    This reduction in TSH is one of the reasons why steroids
    are such efficient muscle builders.

    What happens POST-CYCLE???

    TSH up-regulates, which in turn super-stimulates the thyroid
    into producing above normal levels of T3 and T4.

    This increase in thyroid hormones is VERY catabolic and is
    the main reason why people lose muscle post-cycle.

    What to do then?

    Simple. 200mg DNP/day will literally correct the problem.

    Symptom: Excessive production of T3 and T4 from the
    thyroid gland.
    Note: 80% of the bodies endogeneous T3 is produced
    from the conversion of the metabolically inactive T4
    to the metabolically active T3 via the de-iodinase enzyme
    which basically "cleaves" off an iodine molecule.
    THIS IS KEY!!!

    DNP on the other hand DIRECTLY BLOCKS the production
    of T3 from T4 via the de-iodinase enzyme.

    Ingestion of 200mg DNP day will then SUPPRESS the
    OVER-STIMULATED thyroid gland back to normal
    physiological levels, therefore DRASTICALLY
    reducing thyroid hormone induced post-cycle muscle
    catabolism because T3 levels have been REDUCED
    to normal physiological levels.

    As a bonus, the reduction in your ATP stores because
    of the DNP is COUNTER-ACTED by an increase
    in the oxidation of triglycerides as an energy source,
    therefore eliminating any potential fat-gain from
    low post-cycle testosterone levels .

    DNP is also NON-HORMONAL, therefore it has no effect
    on HPTA recovery.

    Fact is, after cessation of DNP use post-cycle you will also reap
    the benefits of the "Anabolic Rebound Effect" which further
    lends credence to the use of DNp as a post-cycle ancilliary for
    the elimination of any post-cycle muscular losses.


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    Thanks Ranger.

    I am using the DNP post cycle for those same reasons. I have read a similar article (I don't remember where) and that was the main reason for placing it after (especially after the T3). What about the clomid and DNP together. It seems that this would be fine and actually help in recovery, is this true?

    I decided to stick with straight fina instead of the cut fuel. 75mg ed.

    Wish me luck!!!

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    Ranger Guest
    Luck to you...and Clomid and DNP should not pose a problem....


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