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Thread: Women and EQ

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    Women and EQ

    I just completed my second cycle of Winstrol and was advised to do Equipose on my next cycle. I'm going to let my body rest from the AS for at least 8 weeks before doing anything else. I'm happy with the results from Winny, but wondering if anyone had any input on women taking equipose - the results and possible sides.

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    EQ is pretty mild and I've known one woman who has used it with much success.
    She did 25mg/day for a 10wk period.

    Each person is different but I had blood pressure problems while on it, which went back to normal 4wks after cycle.

    Bump for more info on the sides in women

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    IMO women should NOT be using AS. And Jenna u look great! I wouldnt ruin urself by getting to big. Just my .02


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    Jenna I think you should stick w/ low dosage's of Winny or Var.
    I think Eq might be alittle too much for you even at low dosages.
    What's your goal here anyway? If your trying to get into competeing then yeah go w/ it, but if your just looking for that tone/lean look (which u already have) I think u should stick to what you've been doing...

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