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    Primobolan and HCG cycle ???

    has anyone every done a Primobolan and HCG cycle

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    ive used primo with test. great results just got to use a lot of primo as in 350-400mg wk for 10-12 wks

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    What are your stats?

    I have performed several Primobolan Depot cycles and experimented with various Test during those cycles. If you run a novice cycle of Primobolan at a given dosage of 200mg a week for not longer than 8 weeks, then you do not need HCG , since such petite dosage will not shut you down. However, 200mg a week will not bring about desired gains either. You need to inject at least 400mg of Primobolan Depot for a period of 12+ weeks in order to get the most out of your cycle (I have run it at 700mg a week in my last cycle, amazing results) not to mention Primobolan needs to be accompanied by Test without a doubt. When a decent amount of Test (500mg a week) is introduced to your Primo cycle, then you must use HCG a proper doses, ideally starting from the 2nd or 3rd week of your cycle.

    In the last result, if you are looking for a long and hard cycle with over a 100 injections in a matter of 3 months, then Primo + Test cycle is for you. If you are new to the steroid game and not have any experience with compounds and injection protocols, then you may as well forget about a Primo + Test cycle, since it would be too much to put up with from every angle.
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    Jesus christ just ****ing run test. What is it with people and their fear of testosterone

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