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    started treating gyno symptoms

    ok so im about 6 weeks in on a 500 cyp and 400 deca cycle and my nipples started to get sore and im 3 days in on 10mg/day of liquid nolva. now i was planning on using it for my PCT, is it ok to continue this? i was going to do 40mg/day and i have liquid clomid to stack with that on the PCT

    im not a 100 percent sure its gyno because i had a similar problem with eczema and it dried out my nipples and made them very itchy, they are kind of itchy now but not dry and when i touch them they are sore, they dont hurt but its just not normall.

    so pretty much can i just take my 10mg dose a day on the cycle and then bump it to 40 when im doing the pct?

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