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    -So Cal-

    Hope to be last draft!

    wk 1-12 EQ @ 400mg/wk (EQL) [Mon & Thursday Shots]

    wk 1-12 Enanthate @ 500mg/wk (EQL) [Mon & Thursday Shots]

    wk 6-13 Fina @ 75mg/EOD (Homemade)

    Wk 1-4 Dbol @ 50mg/ED


    "wk 10-14 Winny @ 50mg/ED"

    "Wk 5-13 Liquidex @ .5mg/EOD"

    wk 4-13 Insulin @ 4-10IU's [Post workout]


    wk 15-17 Clomid
    Clomid (250mg for 1 days, 100 mg 10 days then 50 mg for 10 days)

    wk 15-17 Nolvadex (?)

    Note: 500ius of HCG will be taken every Saturday and Sunday until week 12

    wk 16-17 Clenbuterol
    Day1: 20mcg 1
    Day2: 40mcg 2
    Day3: 60mcg 3
    Day4: 80mcg 4
    Day5-Day14: 100-200mcg


    I heard of people using nolvadex on the recovery cycle aslo. How was this setup and why?

    Does anyone see any problem with this cycle?

    What in gods name does it take to find HCG?

    Im not sure if ill run insulin but I added it in just in case I do.

    This will be my third cycle. My first cycle was Sos and Deca . My second was Sos and Deca with Winni and Dbol.

    My goal is to start May 12th!

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    I'd run the fina ed instead of eod. Never used slin so I can't comment on that. I wouldn't use nolv unless u get gyno.
    Other then that looks like a real solid cycle.

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    I am going to be running a similar cycle. Question. Are you supposed to run the liquidex up to the start of clomid therapy, or through the end of the clomid therapy? I was under the impression that it was best to run it through the end of the clomid.

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    Start the liquidex day 1 and run it til the end of clomid therapy. You may need to increase the dosage to 1mg EOD if you are very sensitive to bloating but other than that it looks good. I'd run the fina til wk 14 if you can so it finishes up with the winny. Also I'd shoot the fina ED or bump it up to 100mg EOD.

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