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Thread: 5 Weeks

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    5 Weeks

    K guys, I been taking my 1cc of Test400 and 1cc of Tren for 5 weeks now. Not feeling any stronger, looking any bigger or cut. Diet is awesome clean. Training is spot on.
    Now, assuming the gear is real, am I being impatient?

    Also, I know I've been lecutured about using Tren on my first cycle, but one posted stated that I wasn't really taking too much to do any harm.

    One negative thing I noted is my libido is in the crapper! Even a 100mg Viagra I have a hard time getting a hard on, if you'll excuse the pun. LOL

    Could this be "Fina-Dick?"

    Thanx brothers

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    Well i would say at this point you should be noticing something.

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