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    You don't need to know

    Thumbs up Well........It's about time

    I'm starting this on Monday..........................

    Wks 1-16 Liquidex .5mg ed
    Wks 1-4 D-bol 25mg ed
    Wks 1-10 Sust. 500mg ew 250/250 Mon. & Thurs
    Wks.1-10 Qv EQ 400mg ew 200/200 Mon. & Thurs
    Wks 13-16 Clomid

    Also I have the following all in check......................
    Milk Thistle
    BCAA 5000 powder
    Multi Vit.
    Vitamin E
    Flax seed oil
    Chromium Picolinate

    Now I have 400 Denkall Anavar 5mg and I'm not sure whether to throw it in there since I'm running d-bol. I'm not kewl with starting the anavar the day after the last d-bol and all the way to the end of my cycle.
    Give me some solid info please. I can change things around if necessary. Thanks
    Time to.....

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    Cycle looks good bro. If I were you I'd save the var for next time. Also if you can sust works better if shot every 3 days.

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    bro, heres my idea for you, i would go with a longer ester....youll get better results if you also jump start it with prop....then take the var concurrent with the eq, they go good together...if you run the d-bol make sure you have your liver protectant throughout, even with the var...the var is optional though, you dont have to run it this cycle....Madmax...

    prop 100mg eod (1-4) or d-bol 30mg ed (1-4)
    test 500mg (1-12)
    eq 400mg (1-12)
    var 40mg ed (5-12)
    liquidex (1-16)
    clomid post cycle....

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    You don't need to know
    Thanks guys........I think I might go with what Ron says cause I don't have prop on hand and I'm not in the mood to order right now. I do have enough Sust. I'll save the Var

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