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    dizzy after cardio

    i am doing ana eca cycle 25/200/300 3 times a day for 2 weeks i am in 4 th day but after i do cardio i feel very dizzy is that could be from ephedrine oh and yesterday my nose bleeded all the night i couldnt sleep is this could be coz i took 1200mg of aspirin??

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    You should lower your dosage if you are feeling effects like that. That is why they say to ramp up to a dosage you feel comfortable with. I don't know about the aspirin and the nose bleed but I would drop the aspirin anyway, it doesn't really have much effect and has a lot more dangers.


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    Ephedrine can make you sweat a lot and at that dosage you need much much more water or gatorade. Thats what i do and it works great!

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